Friday, September 30, 2005

One step forward, two back

Against my better judgment, I took my busted-ass computer back to the Gateway Country store. By this time, I was just tired of it. I wanted a new computer in a bad way. I wanted something new and shiny and plastic smelling that I could plug things into and that would work like it’s supposed to. This is why, against my husband’s wishes, I opened the little door that separates “tech support” from “sales” and walked through.

I walked in a trance towards the biggest, fastest looking, most expensive computer in the room and just stood there. It didn’t take long for me to attract a salesman. They’re like moths to a flame. Anyway, we introduced ourselves and he asked me what I was looking for in a computer. I told him the truth, “a working motherboard.” I told him a little about my problems and he was very sympathetic seeing as how he was going through something similar with his own computer. Anyway, I gave him some specs on what I wanted and he told me about a system that had everything and then some. And he said that he would upgrade the one-year warranty to a four-year warranty. Woo hoo! I had me a shiny new computer. Not only that, but a couple days later Gateway finally managed to put a working motherboard in my old computer, which then became my sister-in-laws new computer.

Thus ends one saga and begins another.


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