Friday, September 30, 2005

Of McTechs and motherboards

My Performance 1000 had a failed motherboard. Fantastic. Now, I’m not a techie geek, but I have friends who are. I asked what this meant for me and everyone said that once the motherboard was replaced, Everything would go back to the way it was – no reformatting of the hard drive, which I was glad of since my computer died without warning and I didn’t have time to back stuff up.

So, I bundled up the CPU and took it to my local Gateway Country store’s tech service department. I briefly explained the issue and gave them the work order number that I had been assigned by the 1-800 people. They had already ordered the motherboard and it was being sent to the store, so all I needed for them to do was install it. The McTech told me that it would take about 3 days for the part to get there and that they would call me as soon as my computer was ready. He gave me a form where I filled out all of my various contact numbers. This form also said that Gateway wasn’t responsible for lost data and that I could pay Gateway a humongous amount of money to back up the hard drive if the hard drive was reformatted. I asked the McTech for confirmation that the hard drive would be untouched. He assured me that it would be fine and all they had to do was reconnect the hard drive. I declined the back up service and went on my merry way.

After about 5 days with no phone call, I decided to drop by the store to check the status of the work. Another McTech told me that it had been ready for pick up for 3 days. This was so not cool. I wrote down 3 phone numbers for them to call, yet no one ever called them. I tried not to let my anger show to McTech 2 since it wasn’t her fault. She could tell that I was angry though and quickly changed the subject to the work that was completed. “We installed the new motherboard and it tested fine.” Groovy.

I took it home and went about hooking up my peripheral stuff, like my scanner and camera and stuff. Instantly, I knew there was a problem. None of the devices on my USB ports were being recognized. The device manager said the ports were functioning correctly, but… nada.

So I called the 1-800 people again. Wouldncha know, there was something wrong with the motherboard. Gateway had sent and installed (and tested, by the way) a defective motherboard.


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