Friday, September 30, 2005

Mobo Mojo

Back to the store my little CPU went. Mc Tech number 2 looked surprised to see me.

Them: Back again so soon?
Me: Well, yeah. The motherboard is bad.
Them: The one we just put in? Can’t be. We tested it.
Me: None of the USB ports work.
Them: *Joking* Well, who uses them anyway?
Me: *not laughing* The 1-800 people are sending another motherboard.
Them: OK. We’ll call you when the work is completed.
Me: Pfft!

The next day, the phone rings. It’s McTech number 3 and my jaw hits the floor. They finally realized what those seven numbers next to the word “phone” are for. This would not be the first time during the course of our conversation that my jaw would hit the floor. Basically, they guy was calling to tell me that they had decided to reinstall my operating system to see if that would fix my USB issue. The thing was, when I bought the computer, it had come with Windows ME – what has to be the worst excuse for an operating system in the history of the world. I hated ME. <-- that looks funny. So I had upgraded to Microsoft XP. But XP formats in NTFS and ME in Fat. When they put ME in, it reformatted the hard drive. Once upon a time, I had also paid Gateway to install a second hard drive that was also formatted in NTFS so now, it was unreadable (but only temporarily.)

Now, here’s the real kicker. McTech number 3 told me that because I had installed XP without purchasing it from Gateway and having a McTech install it, I had voided my warranty and would be charged for the re-installation of my operating system. As you can imagine, I was a little miffed. I headed down there to pick up my busted-ass computer that was sans an operating system.


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