Friday, September 30, 2005

Angel of Mercy?

So, about two weeks after sending the letter, I received a call from a very nice young woman who told me that she had read my letter and was very sorry for the trouble I had experienced. She said that Gateway would send out a new, not refurbished, hard drive, SATA cable, and power supply, as well as a technician to install them. She told me that the parts I had been getting to this point had been refurbished. I wanted to call Blah Blah back and tell him that. She gave me her direct extension number and told me to call if I ever had any more trouble with my computer. I took back half the bad things I had ever said about Gateway.

Techie guy came out and he put all the new guts into my computer. He told me that the new SATA cable would probably fix all my issues. He said that he had done a lot of work on Dell computers and that there had been a bad batch of cables out there causing hard drive failures. I felt a little better about things and since I was armed with a new phone number that went to a real live sympathetic person, I was feeling pretty good about my Gateway computer for the first time in months.


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